Seller’s Clarification

Seller called me.

Seller said they were and are selling authentic pans from supplier A.

Supplier B offered pans at a more competitive price, so seller ordered a batch from Supplier B.

I happened to purchase from Supplier B’s batch of pans – I call it the Dubious Pans.

Seller said they are also victim of dubious pans.

Seller’d like to clarify that they have authentic pans from other suppliers.

Seller said that we’re all victims, and supplier B still insisted dubious pans are authentic.

As a compromise, seller will give me a full refund, and I’ll post their clarification plus remove all links to their sites, but keep all information on comparison for the good of consumers.

Seller would like to reiterate that they are selling authentic pans, and they are also victims of dubious pans.

Lessons for buyers and sellers on internet:

Internet-shopping is a double-edged sword.

Handle with care.


HELP: Is my Happy Call basic double sided pan FAKE?

UPDATE  11/11/2011 #5:

I just got my Deeper Ocher.

Noticed that the sticker inside the pan has a “R” with a circle after the L of the “HAPPYCALL” – Registered logo.

The fake one don’t have, or shows a red dot.


UPDATE  2/11/2011 #1:

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UPDATE  2/11/2011 #2:

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 UPDATE  2/11/2011 #3:

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 UPDATE  2/11/2011 #4:

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Original Post

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Trouble started when the silicon seals of my mum’s pan, aunt’s pan and my pans kept dropping out.

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Here’re some interesting differences between 2 happy call basic pans.

– text removed –

My cousin brought her pan to do a comparison (her’s shipped from Korea).

First: WEIGHT – Her’s heavier. 

MY “HAPPYCALL” – only 1.3KG + Re-weighed using analog scale still 1.3KG

Her Happycall – Smooth around the screw, curve edge under the screws,

– The “Made In Korea Original” is position further away from the curve under the screws.

MY “HAPPYCALL” – Note the sunken surface around the screws, flat edge below the screws,

– The words are also printed very close to the edge, partially covered. 

Her Happycall: Curvy and round popped up rivets.

MY “HAPPYCALL”: One rivet higher than the other, not curvy/round.

Her Happycall: Air vent is round and flushed nicely to form a circle/oval.

MY “HAPPYCALL”: Do I need to explain? See for yourself.

Her Happycall: The silicon has a less shallow groove.

MY “HAPPYCALL”: Deep groove and always pops out without fail, when cooking and when not cooking!!

Her Happycall: The joint is slightly sloping, with a shallow mold-line in the middle.

MY “HAPPYCALL” The joint is not sloping, with am ugly and obvious mold-line in the middle.

MY “HAPPYCALL”: The back looks like this. Anyone has something different?

MY “HAPPYCALL”: The silicon seal keeps dropping. How about yours?

MY “HAPPYCALL”: The box. Do they have these details? (The sticker was pasted there by my mum)

Money is one thing.  

How about health?

How to know how poisonous it can be when used to cook your food?!