HELP: Is my Happy Call basic double sided pan FAKE?

UPDATE  11/11/2011 #5:

I just got my Deeper Ocher.

Noticed that the sticker inside the pan has a “R” with a circle after the L of the “HAPPYCALL” – Registered logo.

The fake one don’t have, or shows a red dot.


UPDATE  2/11/2011 #1:

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UPDATE  2/11/2011 #2:

– text removed –


 UPDATE  2/11/2011 #3:

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 UPDATE  2/11/2011 #4:

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Original Post

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Trouble started when the silicon seals of my mum’s pan, aunt’s pan and my pans kept dropping out.

– text removed –

Here’re some interesting differences between 2 happy call basic pans.

– text removed –

My cousin brought her pan to do a comparison (her’s shipped from Korea).

First: WEIGHT – Her’s heavier. 

MY “HAPPYCALL” – only 1.3KG + Re-weighed using analog scale still 1.3KG

Her Happycall – Smooth around the screw, curve edge under the screws,

– The “Made In Korea Original” is position further away from the curve under the screws.

MY “HAPPYCALL” – Note the sunken surface around the screws, flat edge below the screws,

– The words are also printed very close to the edge, partially covered. 

Her Happycall: Curvy and round popped up rivets.

MY “HAPPYCALL”: One rivet higher than the other, not curvy/round.

Her Happycall: Air vent is round and flushed nicely to form a circle/oval.

MY “HAPPYCALL”: Do I need to explain? See for yourself.

Her Happycall: The silicon has a less shallow groove.

MY “HAPPYCALL”: Deep groove and always pops out without fail, when cooking and when not cooking!!

Her Happycall: The joint is slightly sloping, with a shallow mold-line in the middle.

MY “HAPPYCALL” The joint is not sloping, with am ugly and obvious mold-line in the middle.

MY “HAPPYCALL”: The back looks like this. Anyone has something different?

MY “HAPPYCALL”: The silicon seal keeps dropping. How about yours?

MY “HAPPYCALL”: The box. Do they have these details? (The sticker was pasted there by my mum)

Money is one thing.  

How about health?

How to know how poisonous it can be when used to cook your food?!


42 thoughts on “HELP: Is my Happy Call basic double sided pan FAKE?

    • Hi,

      Groupon is selling Happycall fo Rm165 & supplier is “WT Global”.
      Does anyone knows whether they sell genuine Happycall?


      • WT GLOBAL tipu also!.very hot now!!!!!..i received d pan last week,i call groupon and the company complain this thing.they say will change to me,if they not change d genuine to me,what should i do?help!!!!

      • Hi,

        I just got 1 from Milk A Deal for rm150. Everything that you described almost all matched the pan and the obvious part is the oil tray hole shape is square not oval.

        May I know the weight of the original happy call pan Dimensions: 30cm (L) x 23.5cm (W) x 7cm (H). Few stated that the weight is ~1.7kg and some stated ~2.3kg. Please reply so that I can make a complaint to the supplier as well as to the Milk A Deal.


      • HI IMA,

        from the, 75mm Height or Depth should be the deeper pan. no matter the ocher version or red hcp, the correct size without the box should be 275mm length by 245mm width and 75mm depth, i cross reference with the Korean Official Website, the dimension of deeper is correct as stated in superbmothers. As for the weight, my ocher deeper weighs around 1.69kg. Hope the informations helps.

  1. Hi SQ,

    It is really interesting and educational to read your blog on the fake happycall, i will definitely add a link in my faq to your site. Actually i know the origin of the pan, 3 vendors including one of yours is selling it. The most prominent fact that i know from your pan is not authentic is the sealer. If you can take a photo a cross section of it, i think it be very educational. The other is the vending hole to square, it is a clear sign of fakes. I went to a client place the other day, saw a similar one like yours, their company bulk buy it. If you are buying from Gmarket, i will recommends SGS, Biz J, Star Shop, D Seller. Or you can one authentic one from our spree 🙂


    PS: Your seller really did a professional blog. If i don’t know anything about the pan, i will have buy one from them.

    • Reverse psychology.
      They included this line –
      “Pls do not order if in doubt of authencity. (strongly believe quality of my spree is similar to other sprees around.) Kindly advisable to purchase off retail stores or TV hotline if authencity is your concern.”

  2. Thanks for the information. For health and safety reasons, I will not consider purchasing my Happy Call from – text removed with permission from owner – .

  3. Hi, i read of your post, are all the three pans the same as what you have? I checked mine.. mine is the same as what your cousin has… you should see if you can get refund .. did you pay using paypal? Paypal has a buyer protection plan for all buyer thru them.. within 45days if your item is not what you think it is when receive, you can raise a dispute with them and they will investigate and do full refund to you..

    hope this help…

  4. I almost place my order online from another seller. Now looking at this post, I must weight btw dollar and original?

    I show my friend this post and she said buying online is like that one.
    If I want cheap and can use pan, I can get from online store.
    But if i only care about original and brand, then I shall go pay the original price.

    So I somehow agreed to yumi comments but also feel sad for sqyong but all I want to do now is buy the cheap one and can use can already cause I’m a singaporean!

    • When i first heard about Happycall from Home TV Shopping, i have been bugging my husband to get one. He say ok then return to his office. A few days, later, he said he find a cheaper source selling S$80 for National Day promo. So we end up at Gmarket and we got 2 deeper pan around $76 each. Luckily our first vendor is a honest one and we get the newer pans. We are just typically Singaporean, if we can get a cheaper one, we don’t mind the imports and no warranty as long as it is function well. One thing i like about my husband, although he delays, he always cautions and look for fine prints. Maybe this is ow we got ourselves a good hcp. When he setup the happycall faq and spree, he went thru many rounds fine tuning, digging facts and he actually trial run the spree before he announced it. He just want to make sure his clients get the best.

  5. Hi
    Im so confused now. I’ve the box you have but logo with R and similar traits like the genuine one.
    The hole at the back is symmetrical but not round, more like oblong.

    I have no idea where my mil’s source came from. I can’t sleep well sia 😦

  6. i went to a bank today n they r giving this FOC with some package. saw the box and there’s even stickers (2 i think) on the front of the box thats missing on yrs. the stickers is silver n will change color at diff light angles.

  7. hi this seller smsed to say that his happycall pan is authentic, but i compared with your images and realised its fake and he charged me a hefty $93. Any advice on how to get recourse?

    Seller Details
    east area , bus stop near bedok stadium
    SMS 90443147

  8. thanks for the useful information, but i want to know how about the jumbo size one?… how i know the original one and the fake one?… because i want to buy it 1 piece for the jumbo size….thanks

  9. I have spoken to a couple of friends from Korea. There is NO SUCH THING as Happycall from South Korea (North Korea, I am not sure). No website also. However there are many trading companies in Korea selling Happycall IMPORTED from China. The so-called claim that Korean shipped Happycall is genuine is not true. It is obvious if you choose to buy from Korea, it will be shipped from Korea. Where else? In fact there are a few Korean trading houses buying them from China. While it is interesting to compare as above, the fact remains no one knows which is real and which is fake unless of course, you want to claim a “Made in Korea” as real. Again as I said no Happycall is manufactured in Korea. Nobody is also suing anybody on the Happycall trademark simply because nobody has come forth to say I owned that trademark. If it is true that it is a registered trademark, I am sure the “Korean” manufacturer will have already started legal proceedings now. Interestingly, there are many Chinese manufacturers making this Happycall frying pan. Now the difference is, if you compare, you are really comparing the different qualities from these manufacturers which are all Chinese. Hopefully that explains the Happycall mystery.

  10. The two pans really difference quality , I used before . The real one from Korea is 1.7kg per pan. The fake one is from china. I am the seller of original pans from Korea. So I really know the difference.

  11. thanks for sharing the difference between the real and fake ones, i bought another korean double pan which has been serving me very well too. although not the brand happy call but my mother and i are very happy using it for the past 6 months. at least im pretty sure there are no fakes for this 🙂 chanced upon a deal online

  12. There are actually other places that sell Happycall pans. Like, Isetan, MegaDeal Electronics and I think NTUC soon. But of cos, the price is expensive.

    Everything Korean sells authentic kitchen wares from Korea. Their prices are reasonable but they are no frill. No box, no extra sealer, no English manual & no free gift.

    You can also get Happycall pan from QOO10 (, reputable spree-runner like SuperbMothers ( who runs a blog reviewing cookwares and also provide comprehensive details on Happycall products. Another reputable spree-runner like Thomas in Singapore Motherhood forum (

  13. I bought a few Kitchen items from Everything Korean. They are in International Plaza and they have a new outlet in Bugis. You may want to check them out because the prices are not expensive and pretty reasonable. Go check it if you can. Thumbs Up.

    Their website:

  14. Thank you very much for your informative blog. I just bought a HappyCall multipurpose deeper pan from Isetan and I was lucky enough to have this blog to compare the appearance. I confirm that the version from Isetan Singapore is exactly like your cousin’s one. I was going to buy it from Groupon (they have special deal at mo for S$61.90 for standard and S$69.90 for the deeper pan), but then decided that I did not want to take the risk. Isetan currently selling standard size for S$85, deeper size S$89, and Jumbo size S$99. The Isetan one came in a box, and it also had 1 spare replacement rubber band to go around the edge of the pan.

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